Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sure could use a little good news today...

When it comes to TV news magazines, nobody does it better than CBS SUNDAY MORNING for this writer's money. I've been a fan since the old days of Charles Kuralt and his ramblings On The Road. This morning, the first Sunday morning of 2012, was no exception. But just because you may 'like' a particular program or whatever, doesn't mean the object of your affection won't ever piss you off.

I tuned in late, the 2011 year end review was already in progress. End of U.S. troop occupation of Iraq...Joplin, MO...earthquakes and tsunami in Japan.... I felt my good mood evaporating. All the top news stories from 2011 involved tragedy or scandal. How the hell are we to carry hope in our hearts and minds into a fresh, new year with a seemingly endless laundry list of what went wrong in the year before? On this day, of all days, why not kick start the new year with a little good news ?

Love, they say, is where you find it, and I'm sure Charles would agree. The same can be said for news. With that in mind, I am joining forces with my own AnniePie in a pledge she initiated this morning on her delightfully quirky Facebook page. Mrs. Miller has pledged to post and re-post good news and only good news stories. No more political squabbling, no celebrity brat-assing, no focus on the bad things that happen to all good people to one degree or another. My AnniePie has pledged to be that change she wants to see in the world by seeking out and celebrating the good tidings that should bring great joy to all of us.

I, for one, stand up and applaud her for that.
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