Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Silent White, 2012 Closeout

Christmas Day 2012 on the Rolling Plains
The Good Lord blessed us here in North Texas with a quieting blanket of snow for which, I pray, I am truly thankful.

Beginning as freezing rain and sleet Christmas morning, just as first light began to penetrate the pale, bluish gray overcast, it quickly turned to fat, moisture-laden flakes of snow drifting silently as confectioner's sugar.

Lord knows we needed the moisture, and this Christmas snow was about the best present She could have sent down to us. The drought, 'though not as noticeable in winter, does linger on. Our local lakes are down to 40 percent, less than half full.

This Christmas especially this snow was important, I dare say even vital, for more than just a prettied-up rain. In the wake of Newtown, CT, and Webster, NY, Lord, we needed the all-mighty silence of this blanket spreading over us brought, if even for a mere, brief moment.

Thank you, Lord!

This is likely to be the last go round for this Rolling Plains Journal. AnniePie, The Daughter and I soon (hopefully) will be packing up our kits and heading back to the Pacific Northwest where scenes like these are more frequent and where triple-digit summer days still are few and far between.

We have no idea where we will hang our lantern, but Washington state's Wenatchee Valley is looking mighty inviting.

So let us put RPJ finally to bed after a somewhat irregular run. We had a hoot and learned a thing or two about blogging while doing it. Meanwhile, life goes on over at The Happy Homesteader which will relocate geographically with us.

Plus I have opened a new patch to spread our words over at HubPages. Here I will be trying my hand at old-school journalism once again, just I as started out some 35 years ago. This time, however, I'm running the rag--writing, photoing, editing and publishing--totally online rather than in print.

From all the cats here on Speedway Avenue, River City, the Rolling Plains, USA, we pray your Christmas was peaceful, joyous and wrapped with love.

May the Good Lord continue to pour out Her blessings upon us as we continue against long odds to love and nurture one another. We must stick together, children, for Lord knows we are all we've got to work and play with.

Y'all come see us when you can, hear!
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