Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wind, Working Families Party and Woody Guthrie

When it comes to putting words to pictures, AnniePie nailed it. She took the shot on Pawnee Point, Lake Arrowhead, some months back. No, that's not a witching stick in my hand, but divining for water soon may come roaring back. It's a leash, at the other end of which Beano, our bulbous boglen terrier, is on point below a ridge step.

Did someone say, "POSTER!"?

Wherever I go around the Falls, folks are showing signs that spring is calling. Winter here was little more than a couple or three really, really, record-ruining cold spells and a single decent snow. Winter doesn't wear well here. This is Texas. If we wanted four to six months of hard frozen winter we'd be in Minnesota.

Did you know that Oklahoma is home to 26 wind farms?  The Wind Coalition just released “The Statewide Economic Impact of Wind Energy Development in Oklahoma”, report on "analysis of investment data, revenues paid to local landowners, ad valorem tax base increases, employment data and developer expenditure data for the 26 active wind farms in Oklahoma."

"Oklahoma's wind ranks ninth in the nation," wrote an anonymous web content writer for The American Wind Energy Association.

Rolling Plains people know that Oklahoma has an abundance of wind and natural gas, and therein lies a rub. We need a third party--say the Working Families Party, say a Sons & Daughters of Guthrie coalition--to rise up this election cycle and help clear the air. Wouldn't that do Woody proud?

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